The cost of your custom quilt is going to depend a lot on its size and the detail of your design, so I'll provide individual quotes for each of your quilt options. In general, though, a lap size Whimzie quilt is going to cost between $325 and $475; that includes everything that goes into the creation of the quilt you’ve always wanted, from fabric to finished.

Just a little fine print about pricing... 1| You are under absolutely no obligation to purchase a quilt if you request a FREE design, 2| a deposit of half the total is required to begin your order, and, 3| shipping is typically an additional $25 due as part of your final invoice (see shipping info below).


In general, quilt are sized as shown, but different designs may cause the dimensions to vary slightly.

  • Wall hanging - 36" x 36"

  • Baby quilt - 36" x 48"

  • Lap quilt - 48" x 60"

  • Large lap quilt - 60” x 72”

  • Twin quilt - 64" x 88"

  • Queen quilt - 90" x 95"

  • King quilt - 105" x 95"


Because I know how much this quilt means to you, I want to give it's creation the care and attention to detail that it deserves... this means most custom quilts are going to take 1-3 months to finish. I'll provide a specific completion date after you select your final design.  Not surprisingly, the sooner you get started, the sooner your quilt will be on its way to you!


Your Whimzie quilt will be gift boxed and securely packaged for the trip to your home.  A shipping charge of $25 per quilt insures dependable delivery by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  I'll e-mail a tracking number, too; that way, while waiting for your quilt to arrive, you can check it's progress to your doorstep. Occasionally, I can ship smaller quilts, wall hangings, for example, for less; the shipping charge will be reduced for these items, but they will still be gift boxed and securely packaged.

Quilts generally ship 1-2 days after your payment is confirmed (i.e. when notified by PayPal, when a money order is received or when a check clears).

Non-USA Customers

If you are not located in the US, please notify me before payment - I will need to confirm a shipping method and quote a new cost.


Whimzie Quiltz and More accepts credit cards through PayPal, money orders and personal checks from the US only.

credit card payments

To pay with PayPal's secure payment service, which allows you to use a credit card for your purchase, I will send you an e-mail invoice with the necessary information.  When you receive the e-mail from PayPal, follow the instructions and you will be walked through a series of steps to complete your secure transaction.

money orders | personal checks

To pay by money order or check, please e-mail me at and I will forward an e-mail invoice for your purchase.  Make check or money orders payable to

Deidre McLeod

PO Box 500147

San Diego, CA 92150

and include a copy of the e-mail invoice with your payment.

caring for your custom quilt

Following these care instructions for your Whimzie quilt will leave you with a fabric keepsake to cherish for years to come.


Use cold water and mild detergent in the gentle cycle for the minimum time.  Never use hot water or bleach and never dry clean your quilt.  After washing your quilt for the first time, you may notice the quilt appears slightly rumpled - this is "antiquing", a normal characteristic of quilts due to shrinkage of the batting.


The perfect way to dry your quilt is to lay it flat; never hang it on a clothesline.  You may also use a dryer on low heat to tumble the quilt dry.  If possible, tumble until near dry and lay the quilt out until completely dry.


Fold your quilt and wrap it in acid free tissue paper or store it in a cloth bag or pillowcase.  About twice a year open the quilt and refold it differently than before; this prevents creases caused by folding in the same place each time.  Never store your quilt in a wood chest, drawer or box - oil from the wood can be absorbed by the fabric, creating permanent stains.


When hanging the quilt, be sure that it is supported along the entire top edge; hanging by a few spots along the top causes sagging.


If you happen to find a tear in your quilt, fix it immediately.  Use tiny stitches when repairing any damage.  Professional quilt restorers may offer further advice.


Most importantly... cuddle up and enjoy your quilt!